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17-Dec-2020 10:18

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He opened the door and CJ smiled at him as she walked into his large suite.She laid her small bag on a table just inside the door looked around at the lavish room as she walked to the window to take in the view of the strip, lit up with all the lights from all the casino marquees.She kissed the soft crown and then looked up at him and smiled as she asked, "So... The limo stopped in front and the driver came around to open the door for CJ.He was obvious as he watched her open her legs as she stepped out of the limo, her pussy clearly visible.He cupped her head and pushed as her lips slide faster up and down his cock.

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CJ held his arm as they walked up the steps and entered the casino.She smiled and chuckled as she told him, "I think I will play the black nine and see if I can get lucky." They laughed as the wheel spun, the ball clicked as it tumbled about in the wheel. CJ again took Thomas's arm and smiled as she told him, "Well...I hope my luck improves tonight." Thomas laughed and told her, "Oh well... let's go see if we can change your luck." He put his hand on her back and led her towards the elevator.His moans grew louder, and he tensed as a thick stream of cum exploded into her mouth.

He held her head down as she continued to suck as she stroked his cock.

The elevator door opened and several others got on with them.