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A mental health professional such as a therapist or psychologist can help process the emotional challenges of ALS/MND.

In most cases, depressive feelings are highly treatable with therapy, medication or a combination of both.

Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) can help, though the equipment can also create added difficulty.

Additional challenges may be fostered by medications, fatigue, emotional state, muscle spasms or tightness, and communication difficulty.

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The impact of ALS/MND on sexual intimacy is rarely discussed because of the sensitivity of the topic.

Consequently, many patients and their partners feel lonely, discouraged and overwhelmed.

Good communication and successful strategizing with your intimate partner and the counsel of your healthcare team can help bring and maintain sexual satisfaction.

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Occupational and/or physical therapists can suggest ways to minimize discomfort, conserve energy and overcome physical barriers.

Because every couple is unique in their preferences and comfort level, developing a fulfilling sex life is also a matter of experimentation.

If old techniques are no longer working, try new positions to accommodate your body’s changing capabilities.

Sexuality is not only physical; emotional closeness is just as important an aspect of physical intimacy, one that can enhance your outlook on life and mental health as well as your relationship with your partner.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association has created an excellent information sheet, offered here, with additional suggestions in response to concerns about sexual relationships for those with ALS/MND.

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