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method, and leaves it up the JMS provider to perform listener callbacks.This variant does not allow for dynamic adaption to runtime demands or for participation in externally managed transactions.Based on this data we will retrieve metadata for the fault and decide in the message flow handling what the logic will be to execute.Spring provides a JMS integration framework that simplifies the use of the JMS API much like Spring’s integration does for the JDBC API.

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It simplifies the use of JMS since it handles the creation and release of resources when sending or synchronously receiving messages. The JMS API exposes two types of send methods, one that takes delivery mode, priority, and time-to-live as Quality of Service (QOS) parameters and one that takes no QOS parameters which uses default values.In order to use this implementation, Java EE containers typically require that you declare a JMS connection factory as a Between the Connection Factory and the Send operation there are three intermediate objects that are created and destroyed.