Are there laws in georgia against adults and minors dating dating after divorce when you have children

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The law provides appropriate protections for the adult.The court monitors the actions of guardians and conservators, and they must file written, periodic reports on the condition of the ward and the ward's property with the probate court by which appointed.Proper preparation of the alternatives reviewed in this pamphlet may require the services of an attorney experienced in this field.In addition to a health care power of attorney, one may also execute a financial or general power of attorney, in combination with or executed separately from the health care power.A financial power of attorney names an agent to act in the place of the individual, primarily in monetary and property matters, and defines the extent of or limitation on the authority given.The authority granted may be very limited and specific or be quite broad and include the authority to: write checks and make deposits; buy and sell real estate or other property or investments; negotiate and settle debts and claims; etc.If no one authorized by such law is available or if all who are available waive the authority to consent or dissent, one may file a petition in the probate court seeking an order solely authorizing such discharge, transfer or admission.

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To be legally effective, the adult must have signed any documents discussed herein requiring their signature while they were capable and competent to understand the nature and purpose of the documents.

It is also important to recognize that, in an emergency, the law allows physicians to treat anyone who is incapable of giving informed consent.