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15-May-2020 12:38

It has been the most eventful year of out engineering.The people who were unlucky earlier have got placed.The fundamentals that were taught to us then helped a lot for courses in the next year.The Third year got us firmly entrenched in the grind.We might not have sharpened our technical skills yet, but we definitely come up champions in time management.

I’ll try my best to avoid the “Papa Kehte speeches of koi engineer ka kaam karega, business mein koi apna naam karega”Its kind of funny that we have got to bid farewell to this college today only to come back in a few days to give our vivas and 8th sem exams.From Second year onwards we all got into the mould of our respective branches.Personally, I got a taste of what Computer Engineering is like.I think all of us would agree that the Symphony during our First Year –when Parikrama had been here - was the best one we had.

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The best part about FE was that the college management had not divided the students according to branches.On one occasion, I recall we had even written a 40 page assignment and the total submission file size had exceeded more than 200 pages!