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16-Sep-2019 16:34

MORE: COUPLES THAT DO THIS HAVE BETTER SEX The study contradicts the widespread assumptions that the younger generation have a more ‘hook-up’ culture of casual online dating and casual sex.In fact, British studies have found that the younger generation is more likely to ‘risky’ behavior like casual sex, heavy drinking, drug-taking or crime than their predecessors.

"Dancing, moving, breathing, visualizing, contracting and releasing the internal muscles, relaxing the pelvis, understanding sexual anatomy, confronting their shadows, learning how to scream, learning how to breathe from the sexual organs all the way to the heart, breathing in a circular fashion with each other, understanding successful communication. There is now on my desk a small library of books about tantric sex, and while the explicit detailing of intimate behavior might make our grandmothers blush (and might at first be confused with garden-variety porn), the practice of tantra (based on ancient Hindu and Buddhist scriptures) is supposed to facilitate a more meaningful intimacy, an actual spiritual connection between partners.

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