Black women korean dating

03-Sep-2020 12:22

Most locals usually guess “Miguk" which means America and when I say “no, South Africa," they give me a perplexed look.It's as if they're trying to connect the dots, like, "how did she end up all the way in South Korea." After a slight delay they respond with an “ahhh Africa." On a good day someone will say “ahhh, Nelson Mandela." Which leaves me hopeful; at least someone knows where I'm from.He could not quite grasp the idea that we speak English in South Africa.In general, I noticed that South Koreans are open to foreigners but one thing I cannot get over is how the older generation stares at you when you are black.I decided to teach English in a foreign country, not because it was a better fit but because I needed to regroup and what better way to do that than by travelling.South Korea seemed like a good choice because a friend of mine had already been here for almost a year.

I met an older South Korean man whose face went through a series of emotions from confusion to disbelief, after I told him I was South African.Coming back home made me realise how much I had changed in such a short amount of time that when I returned to South Korea all the complaining about the food, the fashion and the people stopped.