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I suppose you're a good example of how simply living in a certain area doesn't automatically afford one extra knowledge of the local mob. Dominick "Quiet Dom" Cirillo/84 Manhattan and New Jersey5. I'm not sure if it means anything, but I want to keep the names handy for future reference.

Those who follow ongoing mob cases in New York know that the traditional mob staples of bookmaking and loansharking have not subsided at all. Edward "Eddie" Lato/66/Prov (IP/7/25/2019)Soldiers: Providence: Vito The Ox De Luca/69William "Billy Blackjack" Delsanto/70Pasquel Patsy Galea/70Rocco "Rocky" Folco/66 (UI)Raymond Junior Patriarca/68Joseph Ruggiero/64Boston: William Angelesco/42/Bos John Cincotti/74Robert Bobby Carrozza/73Biagio Benny Di Giacomo/68Vincent The Animal Ferrara/64 (UI) Richard Richie the Pig Gambale/71Vincent Dee Dee Gioacchini/61Frank Imbruglia/82Ralph Ralphie Chong Lamattina/91Peter Limone/79 (UI)Dennis Champagne Le Pore/67James Jimmy Martorano/72Pryce Quintina/74John Jackie Salemme/70Frederick Freddie the Neighbor Simone/63 Anthony "Spucky" Spagnolo/70Carmen Tortora/66Connecticut: Anthony Tony the Beaver Ascenzia Jr/54Salvatore Butch D'Aquila/73Americo The Cigar Petrillo/79Imprisoned Members: Darin Bufalino/52/Bos (IP)Vincent Federico/53/Bos (IP/L)Matthew "Matty Gugs" Guglielmetti Jr/63/Prov (IP/3/31/2016)Louis Luigi/Baby Shanks Manocchio/86/Prov (IP/11/4/2015)Frank Bo Bo Marrapese/70/Prov (IP)Joseph Junior Pingaro/58/Bos (IP/3/25/2016)Michael Mike Prochillo/43/Bos (UI/IP)Stephen Rossetti/55/Bos (IP/4/4/2044)Alfred "Chippy" Scivola/72/Prov (IP/1/24/2015)Anthony "The Saint" St. Lawrence "Larry Fab/Little Larry" Dentico/90 - New Jersey and Philly6. Michael Little Mike/Mikey Cigars Coppola/66 (IP/3/4/2024)/Michael Tona Borelli/76 (Acting) New Jersey8. Rosario Ross Gangi/74/Salvatore "Sammy Meatballs" Aparo/83 Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey10. The full obituary can be found here: City/Death Notices.asp? I wouldn't cooperate with federal officers."KCTV5 reported Thursday night about the conviction about which she talked.

there simply isn't a demand for any of these services any more strictly from a demographic stand point. "Barney" Bellomo/56/Ernest Muscarella/70 Bronx, East Harlem and Manhattan3. Charles was employed at a Northland car dealership.

not only that but there so many legitimate competitors to these services nowadays like pay day loans or internet gambling that doesn't involved getting your knee caps broken when you can't pay up. Ludwig "Ninny" Bruschi/79/Anthony Tony D Palumbo/64 (IP/11/22/2019) - New Jersey4. A picture of Charles and his ex-wife and the house he was murdered at can be found in the following two links: Lunch Bunch: Jerry Cammisano, Joe "Red" Cervello, Joe Moretina, Sam Marsalla, Frank Marsalla, Mike Fasone, Sam Scola, Jack Ancona, Joe Vigliaturo, Vince Civella, Mike Garozzo, Mike Lombardo, Steve Morgan, and Anthony Scavuzzo."Included in that list is at least one KC family member, and several VERY prominent local businessmen.

the blue collar, mostly italian base that the mafia depended on for making money for so long simply doesn't exist in this city any more.

what little italians that are left are all 3rd or 4th generation with plenty of money as is from legitimate ventures.i could be wrong but i don't see the mafia in nyc as anything more than an old boys club that has most of its money tied in legitimate ventures, along with some side income coming from smuggling stolen goods or drugs from abroad into and out of the city.

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Another thought i had is it very possible that there are alot more members to the five families that are doing buisiness in more quiet towns in other states.What would be the necessity for a legitimate business without the underlying scam? Latching onto wannabes who look up to them and will kick up or, the ones who have saved a good amount of money, lending out startup money to people for a cut of the action. He owned several businesses and real estate during his life including restaurants and rental properties.Or lending out startup money to the kind of weak individual that can be preyed on once the business begins to thrive. Tony was devoted to his family, and was a man who liked to do things his own way.and if it does it's certainly not being done by the italians of nyc.union control, white collar crime, drug wholesaling, pump and dumps, fraud, financial and health care scams, yes why not. Family members believe it was his ex-wife Lettie Cammisano-Strait who killed him.

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this is probably where the bulk of their money comes from mobster in this day and age is making a substantial sum from placing horse bets or lending out cash one thousand dollars at a time..demanding 0/week from the latest starbuck in town for protection (good luck lol). She was arrested after a standoff along with her new husband.Other than the obvious gambling and drugs or bribery... Another thought i had is it very possible that there are alot more members to the five families that are doing buisiness in more quiet towns in other states. He was preceded in death by his parents, Carl and Fannie Civella; and son-in-law, John Sansone.