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Baffled and becoming ever-more alarmed, the well-subdued actress writhes around the room, gag talking and getting very agitated. Chloe mumbles and squirms against him but cannot match his strength.She has no idea what further plans this guy could have, but she has a sneaky suspicion that if she doesn’t get out of here, soon, she might wind up the star of his next flick! But first, do you mind if we get right down next to you, up close, and watch, listen to, and breathe in your every cute little restrained body thrust and jerk. Before she knows it, he’s bending her arms back behind her and taping them from wrist to elbow! he then quickly tapes her ankles and gags her with several strips.A man stands in the doorway of Agent Dillon’s bedroom, and, sent by the one known as The Scientist, he is about to take control of this hot little pair.Soon enough, both saucy maidens are being tightly cleave gagged with linen handkerchiefs fond in Dillon’s boudoir drawer.Rolling around all over the bedroom, trying to get to their feet and unable to, the babes kneel in front of the bed, on which is Dillon’s lap-top, and following some highly entertaining gag talking and twisting round, they manage to leap onto the bed one at a time and are soon flat out, trying to use their noses to access the screen.Comical, to say the least, and the babes aren’t faring too well. Grinding around on their tummies, the hot, naked agents grow more frustrated, and evidently have made just a little too much noise, for just then, the door is flung wide, and the goon fills the frame, glaring at the busy little bees,. How dare he shove a length of wood between her teeth and tie it in with straps.By the time they are found, the gang will know exactly what they have on them, and will already be taking steps to acid-wash all.Meanwhile, the hog-trussed beauties surge up and down on their huge tits and drool all over themselves thanks to those overbearing big gags in their mouths.

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Around and around the monster goes with the tape, half masking the dear girl, before fondling the half-naked wench and leaving her to squirm! Having made the fated mistake of investigating the abandoned film school and Pine Head Mews, she learns the hard way that bad things ARE going on up here. He watches her approach – right in the middle of one of his naughty movies, and, donning his mask, he easily overpowers the hot blonde.So, these two like to try and scupper plans, do they? She gurgles, enraged, and writhes around with Daisy.

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