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22-Mar-2020 03:57

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There were quite a few single black men there (Military mostly).There are several really good hairdressers, to include a couple of Beauty Supply Stores, Braiding shops and "Soul Food" Restaurants - if that's your thing.What's wrong with a black woman datingh asian or hawaiin men? If a black woman wants to live and experience hawaiin life, she should date whoever she pleases. Most men Enjoy a beautiful smart woman, regardless of race or color. If there is one place in the country where inter-racial dating is common and unremarkable, it's hawaii.Who says that just because a black woman may be a minority in Hawaii, she should only seek other black men? Growing up kama'aina and then moving to the mainland for school and work, it was a real shocker to see how much voluntary segregation exists on the mainland.Quite frankly, I don't think Black folks have the same issue that some of our Caucasion brothers and sisters seem to encounter be they real or perceived; don't get me wrong - we have our issues, but it appeared to me that Blacks on the island in general seemed to adapt well.

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I think that mainlanders coming over bring a lot of that baggage with them and it is probably hard to let it go and adjust to the local ways.

On several boards I read a lot of complaints from people who want to know what the 'dating scene' will be like, and will they be accepted. I have NEVER had a problem with any local person to the extent I would talk down Hawaii.

In my opinion, if they have to worry about it, then it's an issue. From a 24 year kamaina Black male's perspective..... Hawaii has no more racism than any where else on the mainland.

I've always wanted to move to Hawaii, I've visited 3 times ( a week each time).

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I feel I really don't know anything about daily life there, especially the lives of African Americans.

My sons in their early 20s seem to have no problem finding young women of any race (Black, Asian or Caucasion) to date; and that may be a problem for some but I think we all should keep our options open with regards to dating and friendships.

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