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The current retention rate of young adults graduating from high school appears to be approximately 60%. "Church of Christ" is the most common name used by this group.

In keeping with their non-denominational focus, recently some congregations have identified themselves primarily as community churches and secondarily as Churches of Christ.

The remaining congregations may be grouped into four categories which generally differ from the mainstream consensus in specific practices, rather than in theological perspectives, and tend to have smaller congregations on average.

The largest of these four categories is the "non-institutional" Churches of Christ.

This article is about a specific fellowship of Christian congregations.

For Churches of Christ that do not agree with congregational support of church or parachurch organizations, see The churches of Christ (non-institutional).

For the Churches of Christ, practices not present in accounts of New Testament worship were not permissible in the church.

In contrast, the Christian Church may consider any practice not expressly forbidden.

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Similarly, non-institutional congregations also oppose the use of church facilities for non-church activities (such as fellowship dinners or recreation); as such, they oppose the construction of "fellowship halls", gymnasiums, and similar structures.

As a result, most divisions among Churches of Christ have been the result of "methodological" disputes.