Consolidating alpln loans

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V A-"'' NOTICE NEWSPAPERS ON THIS MICROFILM WERE MICROFILMED "AS RECEIVED" FROM THE U. •"» ".o.v^.u.^w.^^ if »;- ' ,' ' ' ' I A ' .v.u.1pf .t ^ Offer expires 1/15/83 .'v. Jacobs* business card reads: "cardologist: soul life card reading, natal and pro- gressed," but he calls his h o bby/ busi n e s s "cardastrology.*^ Through cardastrology, Jacobs has predicted the future for many people — and quite suc- cessfully, they say.

He said the bad reputation of the neighborhood around the Coliseum was not a factor. • 'j'' go(b Os dally bruin monday, January 10, 1983 9 . ■■ - --■--::-- -•^■^--— - yi '-^'^VMli'v^ft W V .*■ » / it^U-'«Mn Bw*a.d**M i * ■ »* • ;. Slzes A, B, C D .49 Regular suggested retail .60. VT""'" -1.'-" ,...,1 ASUCLA Students' Store Womenswear • B-Level Ackerman Union • 825 7711 Hours • Mon-Thur.'M'6: Sat. He can also tell you where you Ve been and where you're going.

Educational fees, now 9, are paid along with the 8 registration fees and are used to fund academic services. It would be better if they were adjacent to the ^washrooms and other rooms." The^ building has housed the center tor^TT years7"*We^on T "have the money to build (a new center), and no way to raise that money," Sale said. Security building, laundry facilities, parking, near bus & shops.

i Xhe system is considering a proposal to add to education fees ^ surcharge of approxi- mately 0, effective spring quarter, UCLA budget planner Earl Roberson said. Qroasi 477- FEMALE to share 2 bedroom In WLA, 5/mo.

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Lurie said the program has so far been very successful. ^Discussing the schon4acultv staff , Young said **The physical plant is really beginning to show the effects" of the cuts, Young said, adding that thert km also been some deterioration in academic qualitv as a result of the reductic Mni Young defended the univetsity's new Long*Range Development Plan, which calls for extensive construction on^cmnpus. Servomation Corporation was contracted by ASUCLA in the fall to operate the pub and applied for the license Dec. on " - January 13, 20, 27, &t February 3 ^ ^ ft' CHANGES TO THE WINTER 1983 SCHEDULE OF CLASSES POLITICAL. ALL STUDENTS " DEAN OF STUDENTS NOTICE REGARDING STUDENT RECORDS Pursuant to the Federal Family Educational Rights and Pnvacy Act of 1974 and the University of California Policies Applying to the Disclosure of Information from Student Records.studenis at the UCLA campus have the right 1. More information \s avail- able from the Spring Sing Committee office, at 82^ — %i;^^&-, r^ — ^.

i^ "5-- T ' ^' ' " ' li Mlri Nii .( Qo®Og tfawy bruin monday, January 10, 1963 J* u- consideils hike in ed ^^ --w..w.««^.9 iii Kt- in ea rees l Youna amis ^^su/t of Deukme J/an's statewide budget cuts "«■» IF^s By Katherine Bleifer Staff Writer A spring increase in student fees may be the University of California's answer to Gov George Deukmejian's statewide 2 percent budget cut, announced last Monday.

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The amount of federal aid that a student is eligible for (regardless of whether actually accepted) must be deducted from the cost of attendance in determining the CAL loan amount.

Students must In line with financial industry practice, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board reports account obligations to the credit reporting agencies. ^ The 2 percent cut will decrease funds available to the UC system by an estimat^ million this y«ar, Roberson said. ^^#:-;-- ' nu STVLCD CUTS SANTA MONICA 828-0928 qnlv MANHAHAN DEACH 546 1233 Mf N ADDITIONAL LOCATIONS: ^ HUNTINGTON DLACH SANTA ANA NV EL TOKO DREA, b COSIA m FSA s«T f Rn Sl^lf ! nfi '-o; • *♦ » • -V "^ ■.:' CMd care ax BDffi da l ly Iw u l w monday, January 10, 1969 says center faces growing pains ■-' - ■ • -" — ',, . Then, the center has agreed, it will become self-supporting. rv •■ So, if you think you Ve got what it takes to make it happen, audition with Spring Sing. Spacious furnished single, one bedroom, utilities included, available now.