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15-Nov-2020 13:09

Forgive yourself and each other when you (inevitably) forget to be conscious.

But now it looks like romance is blossoming between a 'Love Island' contestant from last year and a dumped islander from this season.

(Something about how acting like you like someone all day makes you actually like-like them, fake it 'til you make it, blah blah.) So in accordance with the Theory of Costar Coupling, January Jones and Will Forte, leads on Fox's reports the two are in fact dating, which, we hypothesize, might have something to do with the way Forte's character gazes at Jones's character longingly on the show. They've also gone on (fake) romantic dates: a real-life couple.

Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan are among Bollywood’s most loved couples.

My fiancé has been talking about marriage since we met, but I was afraid that if I got married again I’d lose myself, the me I’d spent all these years getting to know. In learning to live more purposefully for myself, I’ve also become more open, more impactful and more loving to everyone around me—including my man. Follow your life philosophy first and only accept lovers who value the same. They say that you can’t love someone else until you love yourself first. Instead, ask yourself how you want to feel in a relationship.

Ours has been truly a conscious coupling, and that gives me complete confidence that we are going to make it, divorce statistics be damned. Plus, why should others love you if you don’t love yourself? All of the traveling, moving cities and mindless dating I did while single were all in search of a happy, perfect life . Right before meeting my fiancé, I said I wanted to feel adored for my quirks, cherished for who I am, and enamored with how my mate was impacting the world. That includes your relationships with your parents, siblings, friends and exes. I learned how important communication was and am now in a relationship in which we complement each other’s communication styles.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this breakup announcement came on the heels of that TMZ video – you know, the one showing Chris and Gwyneth acting all affectionate and couple-y?

The couple were voted off soon after Arabella left the series.What do you guys think of the Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Martin break up? There's probably an esoterically worded study about this somewhere, but we don't need some eggheads to tell us why actors playing romantic interests often date each other, right? Jennifer Lawrence also has a habit of ditching boyfriends before going on major promotional tours or awards campaigns.

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She and longtime boyfriend Nicholas Hoult broke up right before her first Oscar campaign, and then got back together soon after.

We are blissfully happy, but here’s the thing: This is Round 2 for both of us.

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