Creation ministries radiometric dating

24-Aug-2020 20:04

The straightforward reading of Scripture reveals that the days of creation () were literal days and that the earth is just thousands of years old and not billions.

There appears to be a fundamental conflict between the Bible and the reported ages given by radioisotope dating.

This is because we failed to take into account some critical assumptions.

Since we did not observe the initial conditions when the hourglass time started, we must make assumptions.

By estimating how fast the sand is falling and measuring the amount of sand at the bottom, we could calculate how much time has elapsed since the hourglass was turned over.

All our calculations could be correct (observational science), but the result could be wrong.

The dating process then requires measuring how much daughter element is in a rock sample and knowing the decay rate (i.e., how long it takes the parent element to decay into the daughter element—uranium into lead or potassium into argon). Half-life is defined as the length of time it takes half of the remaining atoms of a radioactive parent element to decay.

Scientists use observational science to measure the amount of a daughter element within a rock sample and to determine the present observable decay rate of the parent element.Since God is the Creator of all things (including science), and His Word is true (“), the true age of the earth must agree with His Word.

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