Creative and romantic dating ideas

28-Dec-2020 12:01

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One of the best things to do for an anniversary is to experience something together!Instead of spending your money on an anniversary gift, use it for something fun and different that you can experience together!If you are out searching for one year anniversary ideas, start this tradition now!You will love for the day to feel special as you try something new together!More: 13 Beautiful LGBT Books Every Teen Should Read Think of all of your favorite spots around town and then rack your brain for inside jokes that you can use for riddles.Have your bae take you through all of your favorite (and most romantic) spots — maybe start at the place where you first asked them out?Whether this is your one year anniversary or your fiftieth there are certain things to do for an anniversary that can make it really feel like a celebration of your love.

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These anniversary date ideas don’t require a babysitter, and are so simple they can be prepared quickly!

You can’t celebrate an anniversary without adding romance!

These date ideas will have the two of you snuggling and kissing all night long!

Here are our best ideas, ranging from the stay-at-home one-on-ones to the adventurous excursions.

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If you're both homebodies but you're sick of Netflix, go for a fun arts and craft night where you scrapbook, make custom pins (because, come on, pins are a NECESSITY) or bullet journal together. Set a budget for each of you, then spend a bit of time wandering around a craft supply store — try to hide your purchases from them!

And also, if you're like us, you want some of those new adventures to include queer spaces where you can celebrate your love with people who look like you and are going through similar things.