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23-Oct-2019 04:52

) I have seen this technique pop up on different blogsand forums ever since. The bokeh map used in this first post of mine is not production quality. But i won't let you hanging without a sassy bokeh mapfeast your eyes on this one (click to enlarge): You can see the difference between the maps in the image below. The technique suggested in the old post is actually toslow and to inflexible to be used in any major project so let me presenta better and more production focused technique. Adding the chromatic aberrationin photoshop or after effects gives you the ability to tune the look andamount in an intuitive way.

" they say "when u see someone , point it at them and scream out BANGIDDY BANGIDDY BANGIDDY"..says "ok, but what about a knife?

It's time to revisit an old post about chromatic aberration and howyou can create the effect using the mental ray lens shadermia_lens_bokeh.