Dating a man with type 1 diabetes

25-Jan-2020 12:37

He told me I would need laser therapy in order to try to save my vision.I was so frightened about the actual laser treatment and whether this would save my sight or not.Most times I would sit for what seemed like an eternity, and just stare at the pinched skin of my thigh in my left hand and the syringe in my right and wait for the courage to plunge it into myself.I struggled quite a bit with all of it in that 1 decade and I was in a state of denial for quite some time.The nurse explained that he had had diabetes longer than I had and already knew how. I ended up spending 1 month in the hospital learning everything.Speaking of testing, way back then, 1969, we were using test tubes, drops of urine and water and then put a Clinitest tablet into the tube to get a certain color.Catherine Lawrence celebrates 50 years of living with type 1 on Divabetic’s 9th Year Anniversary podcast with music from P! Below, Catherine shares her successes as well as a few stumbles from living life with type 1 diabetes to the fullest! I was 9 years old when I was diagnosed [with type 1 diabetes] and it was very traumatic, not just for me but for my mother as well.

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However, I was so grateful for this as it provided a clear picture of what was going on with my blood sugars and was making my life less stressful.I was able to know, in real time, what my blood sugars were and that was an immense step forward for me, and ALL diabetics. Just the fact that I did NOT need to carry insulin and syringes around with me was such a relief.I was learning more and more about the complications and the various ways I could prevent some of them. Just because someone has an insulin pump DOES NOT mean your diabetes is out of control, it is just the opposite – helping to keep it more under control.I was so blessed to have an excellent doctor who saved my vision!

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I have not had one bleeding vessel in either eye since then.

Fresca, Tab and then sugar free Shasta was available to drink which made me very happy!

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