Dating an artist

18-Sep-2019 08:50

These traits are considered profitable in the art world.By being emotionally out there, artists can get the most out of their imaginations.They might do things differently, but the goals are the same – to make a living in order to survive. Most of them are very vocal and honest about the way they feel. If you manage to date someone who’s not talkative or wordy, you can expect them to tell you their true feelings through their work. I’m not talking about volunteering yourself as a muse.Their ability to impact society using art is just an awesome bonus. Artists actually dislike people who date an artist just to be featured in their work.In terms of relationships, they love just as much as the next person.

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[Read: 17 brilliant ways to save money as a couple] #3 Jealousy.

Honestly, people should not segregate artists from us non-creative folks.

We’re not the ones who are feeling the impact of this type of mentality.

[Read: 10 harsh dating tips to make dating work for you] Why should you date an artist?

You should date an artist because they can love too.

Being an artist requires a big investment in terms of money.