Dating and relationships for introverts

12-Feb-2021 23:36

Obviously if someone asked me on a date they want to date me, but my brain enjoys irrational theorising and that can ruin the whole experience.

When the date actually comes around I don’t enjoy it because of all the ways I’ve ruined it in my head.

If someone asks me on a date I’ll be fine, but give it 10 minutes and my brain goes off on one.

I start to question why they would want to date me, what if I make a fool of myself, what if I’m too nervous and a hundred other ‘what if’ scenarios that make no sense.

Introverts get energised by having meaningful conversations, we want to connect with people and expand our knowledge. Its hard giving up your alone time to spend time with someone you’ve potentially never met.

But with small talk that doesn’t happen, it can leave us feeling unfulfilled and like we’ve wasted time. Before you can get to the interesting parts you have to go through the whole “what have you been up to lately? And it can also take up more energy to socialise with someone you don’t know so well because you need to be paying attention fully.

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Ideally, I’d like to be the perfect mix of calm, collected but also excited.

Dating extroverts can be tricky, but dating an extrovert that doesn’t understand is even trickier.

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