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14-Sep-2020 22:53

When wemet everything was great, he called me all the time, visit me at work for hours,suggested we have a baby and get married, so I got pregnant right away and hada lot of emotional Issues during the pregnancy, and lost my job a nd car andinstead of being Independent like I was became really needy.During thepregnancy he pulled away a little and I was going to leave him. So we stayed together and moved Into our own place andeverything was going great. his friends starting coming around and Itcaused some problems.In many, If not most ways, he and I were very good for each other.

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I love thisman with everything that's good Inside me.

AQUA GIRLIm currently seeing Aquarius he confuses me when we were on our datethis waiter came to take our order and he asked him If that I was hisgirlfriend and then couple days later I don't hear from him till 3 dayslater...what's the deal he would call 7 days a week and then skip 2 days, andbeen two days I finally called him and he hung up on me?