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There is also, as evidenced in S&D, Gomorrah, Greatest Story, My Brother Esau, etc., a fondness for the Jewish tradition firmly planted in the lyrics.Also, can we give Trey honorable mention for covering Avinu Malkenu? But I have never understood the religious fervor surrounding the Grateful Dead.In honor of The Grateful Dead’s 50 Anniversary “Fare Thee Well” Goodbye Tour featuring the surviving band members and a few guest stars, it is fitting to explore how their songs carry a wisdom that penetrates the Jewish soul. That's great you and your husband decided not to use drugs. Legal pharmaceutical drugs appear to "ruin people badly" far greater than LSD ever has. If you are trying to persuade me that ones own actions have no bearings on their life, you are incorrect. Franklin's Tower:"if you plant ice you're gonna harvest wind"peirush: if you dedicate your life to meaningless trivialities, you will reap nothingness at the end of your days.------------------------------------------------------Ripple:"Let it be known there is a fountain That was not made by the hands of men "Peirush: the "Fountain" is Torah!(Let’s not forget that their drummer, Mickey Hart, and promoter, Bill Graham, were both unabashedly proud Jews, which can’t hurt.) I realize that this might seem like kind of a stretch, but this is a band who routinely played a song called Samson and Delilah and whose tune Fire on The Mountain is clearly referring to Mount Sinai. Writing endlessly down the lines, about how we actualize the words, the letters, the sacred aleph bets around the world. The rash of mass shooters all had one thing in common, legal psychiatric drugs. And that is what my statement said if you had bothered reading it then responding with an emotional outburst. I love this relative and don't enjoy seeing this person ruin a young life with drugs. Don't worry about me being emotionalafter going to friends and family meetings and hearing about over doses. I too question if the search for meaning artificially infuses depth into these lyrics.

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But as a second-generation Grateful Yid with scores of concerts under my belt, I can also say that The Grateful Dead’s music reached me on a spiritual level. And yes, there is still a personal responsibility issue at hand here.How many lives were destroyed emotionally, psychologically or literally thanks to the Dead and their drug culture?I know because I attended many concerts and took plenty of drugs handed out for free at the concerts.Their music is so-so, and their lyrics remind me of some drug-addled brain throwing enough words together so that some of them actually make sentences.

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Seeing some sort of Truth or Wisdom in these lyrics is quite a stretch.The poetry of The Grateful Dead lends itself to explication and with this caveat, here is my list of the Top Five Dead lyrics carrying a message that touches the deepest realms of the Jewish soul… And I believe this Story has already come, Full Circle. The frequency for everyone of coincidence is on the rise, and that vibrational frequency, the ultra violet, is going to take us all home. One of the Rabbis at my shul did a class about Rock N Roll and how to learn from the lyrics. I just question the picture because I think it is not nice or pleasant or positive. There are so many things to do with time and money besides use drugs. Hey smarty you got any kids on drugs in your family? Unless you have seen what it does to teenagers you don't have a clue. The Dead and many bands of this genre seem to attract Jews with a neshama ("spiritual but not religious") hungry for profundity.

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