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12-Apr-2020 06:46

As for the wedding, I thought it was a glamorous affair.

There were people who jibed about her gown, but I think it was a beautiful gown. Will you have a royal wedding of sorts if you were to get married?

But many Indonesians, especially those with a more liberal disposition, really didn't see this one coming.

There's a fast-growing, Gen Z subculture in the world's largest Muslim-majority nation.

If I were to get married one day, my partner and I would have to go up to the King (in Solo) and ask for his approval beforehand as a part of tradition.

We’d have to have a traditional royal wedding in Indonesia, and my husband would then be given the title of “Prince”. You live your life for yourself, and not for others to see.

It is not everyday that we hear of such stories and find real-life princesses. Between juggling her work life and royal duties, the 39-year-old also devotes herself to her loved ones — in particular, her son and partner, whom she relates to as her “pillars of emotional support”.

We speak to Matilda in-depth to find out about her new life as a princess. I’m the executive director of the Lions of Asia group — we are a global company.

These young Muslims instead want to push their island nation, long branded as religiously moderate, toward practices that more closely resemble norms in, say, Saudi Arabia. Membuatmu tetap tampil cantik, syari dan bernilai dakwah.

I started right from the bottom, sitting in a little cubicle as a “marketing executive”.

Tell us more about how you were given the title of 'Princess'; how did it even happen?

There was a lot of scrutiny and negative media coverage over her father before the wedding — she must be very strong to go through with the wedding despite of all of that pressure. Princess Diana, back when she was still alive, was the symbol of woman empowerment.

Hopefully, Meghan Markle would also be as equally impactful and inspiring as I think that it’s important for us to have more empowering women and symbols of female strength in the world right now.

I try to remain true to myself and I don’t bother to impress others.