Dating scrapbook kit

31-Jan-2021 12:22

The basic elements of a scrapbooking layout are: These are just basic tips on how you can make your scrapbooks even more special.Whether you are a beginner or a pro scrapbook maker, these tips on how to create your own scrapbook will make it fun and easy.So many that I actually offered a class focused on using sketches. For todays layout I incorporated a sketch and yesterdays tip – creating a mini page kit. was dating the bottom corner of their patterned papers!The page kit had already been created (back in 2007! Normally I don’t keep retired papers but it had been tucked into a pocket page in my album along with these photos.On occasion I’ll start with a sketch and the layout will end up going in a completely different direction and look nothing like the sketch in the end.The sketch is just there to provide you with a starting point. There are lots of places to find sketches but my favourite is on Pinterest.

This may include different sizes and shapes of Paper Trimmer, various kinds of adhesives such as double-sided tapes and tape runners, archival quality pens, card stock and paper in different colors and quality and of course, scrapbook embellishments.Place and compile the photos in a photo organizer or in separate envelopes to avoid mixing it all again together. Choose which among the photos you have sorted you want to work on first and decide what kind of theme you would want for your pictures.Most of the time, the pictures themselves dictate the theme of the scrapbook especially if the pictures are of a special event or occasion such as a wedding or graduation party as examples.Sometimes the theme might also take on a prominent color or item in the photos.

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Other times, you may also just get inspiration from scrapbook layouts online for your scrapbook theme.

Try doing some sketches first before laying and gluing everything onto one of your scrapbook pages to minimize mistakes.