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29-Mar-2020 10:58

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Dominic West has said Ruth Wilson should get paid more than he on “The Affair” and not less, as she earlier this week claimed was the case.Wilson scooped a Golden Globe in 2015 for her role in the Showtime drama.Then they [the producers] might argue, ‘Well, he’s already done a major American TV show [‘The Wire’] so he’s already got a level.’ But even after a Golden Globe I’m not going to be on parity.” West, who was promoting Palme d’Or-winning film “The Square,” said he would be willing to take a pay cut to ensure parity with female co-stars on an indie project where funds were tight.“I would as long as the resources are limited, and in an independent film then of course, but in a long-running TV show money is not a problem and there’s no excuse for it.” he said. pubcaster the BBC has been lambasted after publishing figures that showed most of its top-earning talent are men.Alison told him she was determined to take responsibility for her actions—something he would not be acquainted with.We discovered that Helen still doesn’t know that Alison was also involved in Scotty’s death, and that Alison thought they should have tried to tell the truth about the circumstances of his death.West said neither actor knew what the other was paid, but he supported his co-star in the wake of her comments.

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Alison snuck Noah into her home, and was struck he was taking Vicodin for the shoulder injury that Gunther had gleefully inflicted upon Noah when inside.

Off Cole went, Noah came in from the patio and presented another challenge to Alison—to spend a day with him on Block Island.

So in these households, the old reasons for bed courtship remain.… continue reading »

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