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05-Jul-2020 17:43

After you import a project, eclipse tries to download all dependencies mentioned in the to local repository.

Even after successful import of a maven project, if you add more dependencies in and just save pom.xml, then you will see that all those dependencies which you just added are getting downloaded to your local repository.

However, the add dependency dialog only shows the options "workspace" option. I tried refreshing my index many times but I still can't see the project in the local repository. Currently the m2eclipse does not automatically updating index for the local maven repository.

You can force the index update from the popup menu in the "Maven Indexes" views.

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regards, Eugene After I run "install" on a project ABC, I go to project XYZ and try to "add dependency" for ABC.

I don't see any reason why it should have to load all my POMs and update dependencies when I restart, which is what it seems to be doing. So, it only updates dependencies when pom changes, but in order to track changes we need to load all Maven projects when IDE starts.