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18-Nov-2020 17:29

He always has something “just ready to break,” an opportunity that’s going to pan out.

There’s always a carrot at the end of the stick if his parents will just keep helping him a little bit longer. When that PIN doesn’t work, Slug starts pushing all the buttons on the PATM, eventually coming up with the “Anger” and “Exhaustion” PINS.

That world can be hard and cruel: when our child comes home crying because no one would play with him at recess; when our child is called names on the playground or someone makes fun of how she looks; when our child hates school and cries every morning because his teacher just doesn’t seem to like him; when our teenage daughter sobs for weeks because her boyfriend broke up with her; when our daughter is devastated when middle school “mean girls” spread rumors about her.

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He sleeps until the early afternoon, lays on the couch, eats his parents’ food and smokes all day—sometimes cigarettes; sometimes marijuana.He simply refuses to do anything until his parents hit a point of anger and eventually, out of frustration, give Slug what he wants rather than argue anymore. Clueless is a 24-year-old adult child living with his parents, and he’s also a Connoisseur of Colleges: he has been to four different universities in the past six years but is still only a Sophomore because he never completes the courses.

The thing is that such an experience often results in feeling desperate and lonely.… continue reading »

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