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19-Oct-2020 07:55

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Get to know the guidelines on seducing a French woman before you attempt it yourself. more than a third of young French men say that watching porn has given them a complex about the size of the penis. And if you are not having it at least a few times a month, well, he/she is probably having it elsewhere, and everybody will understand why. If you decide to get married, you might need to get married twice (with the same person, obviously): once at the town hall, once at your local church. If you’re hiding another lover from your Valentine, perhaps don’t borrow their phone to book your Uber ride back from the date, or they could end up finding out more than you intended, as one man recently found out. For example, never approach a French woman on the metro or the street, save it for the soirées.I recently came across this issue from a good friend of mine, who was exasperated about a few dates she went on and confused about the body language.She didn’t understand why one guy was very standoffish and another was incessently texting, and when they were together, non-hesitant to show affection.It’s totally normal to go on a few dates, then just decide it’s not for you.Would you buy a pair of pants without trying them on?

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If someone is starting to touch, kiss and text a lot, it’s a sign that the French person sees you as more than just a ‘date’ and considers it a ‘for sure thing’; as in they really want to be your boyfriend/girlfriend.

I know that this sounds completely counter-intuitive, but it works.

The French love a bit of poetic language, so quote some idiomatic French expressions on your dates to get yourself fluent in the language of love.

But if the woman does take the initiative, she has to make the man believe that he did all the work. According to French extra-marital dating site Gleeden, husbands not doing their fair share of the household chores is one of the top reasons cited by women for why they cheat. If you have the slightest doubt of whether he/she is faithful, then he/she probably isn’t. Photo: shotsstudio/Depositphotos M is for Mistress.

Prepare your own list to shine during dinners with family and friends. If you’re a man, get in the kitchen and start doing your bit. Also, it does not mean 100 percent of what I say is correct…