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The film does, however, cover nearly everything that’s awful about dating apps – from young men ordering girls to their door as if it’s a meal from Seamless, to the overwhelming sense of dread and the depression that results from being on dating apps – or really, the internet itself – for too long.There are also scenes touching nearly every Tinder trope: The sending of dick pics; men posing with fish in their profile photos; that supposedly happy couple “looking for a third” (spoiler alert: they’re happy and are broken up by end of film); the “DTF?Tinder, it’s pointed out, uses gamification techniques: Brain tricks like intermittent variable rewards that are proven to work on pigeons, no less!You see, if you don’t know when you’re getting the reward – a treat, a match, etc.Have you ever wanted to see one of your “hate-reads” stretched out to feature-film length?If so, you’ll want to watch HBO’s new documentary, “Swiped,” which takes a depressing, trigger-inducing and damning look at online dating culture, and specifically Tinder’s outsized influence in the dating app business.Unlike the magazine article, the film does slightly expand its cast of characters to include gender non-conforming and other LGBTQ people, more people of color, and – – a couple interested in threesomes.But the general slice of the Tinder user base interviewed remains young, urban, and, in some cases, fairly vapid.

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I mean, sometimes this film is just comedy gold, I swear.) Of course, with a user base in the tens of millions, a good handful of happy emails should be expected.(Apple’s toolset is only arriving in i OS 12 – which is just now getting to the public.) It’s certainly fair to criticize companies like Tinder and Bumble for bringing these gamification tricks into delicate areas like those where the focus is supposedly on forming real human connections or “finding love.” But it’s disingenuous to act as if this is something unique to Tinder (et al) and not just, generally, the god-awful state of the tech industry as a whole at present.