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This is because Central Asia is strategically positioned as an access point between Europe and Asia and offers extensive potential for trade, investment, and growth.

Since, the region is richly endowed with commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, cotton, gold, copper, aluminium, and iron, the increasing importance of the region’s oil and gas resources has generated new rivalries among external powers.

In fact, India had good diplomatic engagements with the region as it was one of the very few countries that had a consulate at Tashkent in the erstwhile Central Asian region of the Soviet Union. Secondly, India was now on its own in the international system as it no longer had the backing of the erstwhile superpower USSR, which had been disintegrated.

The Soviet Union’s successor state, Russia, was facing a deep economic crisis in the early 1990s.

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As a result, India’s priorities in terms of bilateral engagements shifted gradually and steadily as per its needs and it would be safe to say that Central Asian states featured very low in India’s priority list, at least in the first decade of their independence.

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