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I was feeling pretty great about myself, strolling out of his place with my arms full of beers that I’d use for my pregame that night. In other words, I couldn’t get out without his help.

Very awkward.”“To preface, I did a semester abroad on a ship.

We started to make out, then all of the sudden he pulled away, spit on my face and ran away, leaving me on the beach.

Another time, that same guy and I were in Barcelona and we got into an argument while at a club.

I blocked him.”“I was on the beach in Cinque Terre, Italy around 2 a.m.

I was with a guy I’d been hooking up with, watching the stars.

If you, too, love to hear every juicy detail of a wild hookup, read along and enjoy as real college students and recent grads share their stories.“When I was in Spain, my friend and I stayed at a hostel owned and run by the cutest British guys.

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I decided to leave, and the next day he texted me and told me that he rented a hotel for two hours for me to meet him at.

The next day, I couldn’t understand why my best friend was acting so weird.

Turns out [she] and Mark started seeing each other right after [he] and I hooked up.

I was having a hell of a time playing ping pong on the top deck one night and got pretty sweaty.

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I needed to go run down to my room and take a shower before dinner.

Our room was positioned directly over the engine room, therefore it was looooouuudd and you couldn’t hear when the shower was going.

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