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Father Scynthia Betsy and one of our daughters and four of our grandchildren are all buried at one place... Destroy and make the same disposition of all mills save small flouring mills manifestly for local use, but all saw-mills and factories dispose of effectually, and useful laborers, excused by reason of their skill as manufacturers from conscription are as much prisoners as if armed. Let them take along their children and clothing, providing they have the means of hauling or you can spare them. Jones has in her possession recordings of the memories of Walter and Lizzie's daughter 422 Synthia Stewart Boyd and their granddaughter 4225 Pearl Boyd Bruce of how Sherman's orders affected the family: Daughter Synthia: When Grandpa learned that there would be a war, he quit his job as a boss man at the mill and went out and bought a farm near the factory town, so Grandma would have a way to make a living.All my family belongs to the Methodist Church, not North, but South... He thought that she would work in the factory, but she never did.An old letter in the family records supplies some of the oldest information we have on James R. My Mother is at William Arnolds, Pollys husband, and is well considering her age. She lives among her children that is with Polly Rhoda and me, father has been ded 6 years. James and four of the children died in Cass county all in 7 or 8 days 2 of the children were put in one grave from the 8th to the middle of June 1853. He returned to his unit, was later promoted to Sergeant, and was captured again on August 3, 1864 during the Battle of Atlanta.

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Most of the known descendants in the House of James are descended from 42 Walter and his two wives. We lacked one month and 2 days living together 41 years. I was more than glad to here you had a promising family, and that you was comfortable Situated. He was captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi on July 4, 1863 and was later parolled (signed a statement saying he would not fight with the Confederate forces again).It was probably at Hog Mountain that most of James and Scynthia's 13 children were born. Catherine was already married and had a child of her own by the time her father James and several of his younger children died of the flu in 1853.

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