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The meaning you get from her book will, therefore, be your own.Now and then the author does underscore a belief to which she has been converted.919.8 M67 Keep Your Card in This Pocket Books will be issued only on presentation of proper library cards, 4 Unless labeled otherwise, books may be retained for four weeks. The Story of Arctic Exploration from Earliest Times to the Present TO The Story Earliest Times to te Present JEANNETTE MIRSKY THE VIKING PRESS FIRST PUBLISHED IN SEPTEMBER THE ORIGINAL TEXT OF THIS BOOK, AS WELL AS MUCH OF THE QUOTED MATERIAL, IS FULLY PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED IN ANY FORM WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE VIKING PRESS (i N THE CASE OF MISS MIRSKY'S TEXT) OR THE ORIG- INAL PUBLISHER OF THE QUOTED MATERIAL (AS INDICATED IN THE "REFERENCES" ON PAGE 367). BY JEANNETTE MIRSKY DISTRIBUTED IN CANADA BY THE MACMILLAN COMPANY OF CANADA, LTD.

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Sometimes the author tells you in the preface, and in the rest of the cases he might as well have told you, that the purpose is neither historical nor scientific but to mold character.

I happen to know privately that Miss Mirsky admires and un- derstands the achievements of Wilkins, but in the pages of this work he is too near the common level.

Through their very con- temporaneousness she cannot give us an adequate view of that great series of expeditions by which the Soviet government is now reveal- ing scientifically, and opening up commercially, vast areas of the North.

By holding up before our youth the glorious example of "heroes who conquered the Frozen North," these writers expect to fit the rising generation for the Waterloos of peace and war.

They seem to feel that a read- ing of biased narratives, more deceptive than fiction through being partly true, will stiffen moral fibre and lead to a variety of good results.But while it is not possible to deal adequately with current Soviet achievements, Miss Mirsky has gone far beyond preceding historians in the discrimination and scope she has given to the accounts of the Great Northern and the other old Russian expeditions which re- vealed to the Tsars, and to a few others who have been in the know, the longest and most important of Arctic coastlines, that of Siberia from the White Sea to Bering Straits and down into the Pacific towards China.

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