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04-Nov-2020 09:33

No one wants to be “that girl…” the jealous, insecure psycho that gets upset if her boyfriend even glances at another woman.

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You tell her you about a trophy you got as a kid and she tells you about the time she was in the paper.

You meet a guy and within a couple weeks you find yourself in a new romantic relationship that makes you feel like you’re sitting on a beach with the sun in your face and not a care in the world. If these two things come up excessively, it can cause big problems.

Several years ago, I was on a romantic Saturday night dinner date with a guy I’d been seeing for several months.

If you’ve crossed some line with her, even inadvertently and even if it’s no big deal in your opinion, you are in for it, my friend. It’s like no one is worthy of any kind of success except for her. It will ruin her night and she’ll do her best to make sure it ruins your night and the night of anyone else who is unfortunate enough to be nearby.

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Does she laugh when she sees an old person fall down? You make an innocuous comment about how you’re glad the weather’s cooling down and she accuses you of calling her fat.Here are four things you can do to minimize jealousy and insecurity in your relationship: 1. Staying in shape is great for both physical and mental health. Looking well groomed and put together not only makes it obvious that you care, but when you feel pretty, you give off a confident and self-assured attitude that doesn’t happen when you’re wearing yoga pants and your hair is in a ponytail. And when you love who you are, others love you too. What if he gets back together with his ex-girlfriend? Also, there is nothing sexier to both men and women than self-assurance, confidence, seeing that your spouse has faith in you and the relationship, and not wavering.

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