Internet dating revenge

06-Oct-2020 03:50

When Lucky Strike server Laura Ramadei reportedly felt a male customer touch her ass “ever so gently” as he told her that he’d like to take her “to go,” she knew exactly what to do.

Not only did she rebuff his awkward advance in person, she went home and did some sleuthing. Lederman—into Google, she found her harasser right away: Lederman is a hedge-fund manager who works with Swiss Performance Management and Truehand AG.

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It’s what Google turns up when you search with your name and see the mentions. You could fall prey to cyber-stalking or even cyber-laws in your part of the world. Saikat Basu is the Deputy Editor for Internet, Windows, and Productivity.Ramadei posted Lederman’s receipt to Facebook along with her story, eventually drawing widespread media attention to his alleged misdeed.