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25-Feb-2020 16:54

The Vibrasonic you see here belongs to a reader in the United Kingdom, and has a step-down transformer mounted in the bottom of the cab and hard-wired to the chassis’ AC input, to convert the mains voltage from the U. Plug in a vintage-spec Tele or a pedal steel and it’s a fast track to Fender’s prime concept for bold, clear, professional tone circa 1962.JBL is short for James Bullough Lansing, who founded the company.Speakers made before the 1970s only have one digit representing the year which is misleading.

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Though Fender liked to call it vibrato, and it certainly sounds closer to that than the downright tremolo-inducing circuits that had come before, this lush, watery modulation effect only comes close to approximating true vibrato, but creates a luscious, phasey sound nonetheless.The new covering and forward-mounted controls might be its most talked-about design features, but the Vibrasonic was also the first Fender amp with solidstate (diode) rectification, the first with a JBL speaker as standard equipment, and the first Fender above 20 watts with built-in tremolo.