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You don’t realise how hot the water is until you get out and so being fired ended up just being the best thing.” The break happened quickly – “between sound-check and gig” – but it was the push she needed to go out on her own.

“I had notions of having my own record but had never really been able to give it the time that I probably needed to because we were so busy.

And it all depends on how I translate that in here [pointing to his head]." At this point, his sister Fiona - who is part of his management team - appears to tell him he needs to eat before the showcase. "Let's say I get called a 'selfish, arrogant asshole'. 'Selfish' comes into my life now and I count all the times I was selfish.

I count all the times I was arrogant - so many times. And I start smiling and think, 'This person is so right: I am a selfish, arrogant asshole - sometimes.

Iceland has become something of a home from home for Rice.I ask him if he would ever change anything about the past. "There are many things that people have said to me in the past that I thought hurt my feelings. But when I look back now, I can recognise that I hurt my feelings, not the person.They said some words - which are just sound, vibration, energies.Similarly, I am a kind, humble, gentle human being - sometimes. Everyone is capable of everything." By Dave Higgens and Alex Green, PA Newlywed Ellie Goulding and her husband Caspar Jopling have shared a kiss on the steps of York Minster – moments after marrying in front of a star-studded congregation.

“It was slightly brutal, but absolutely for the best,” she told Róisín Ingle, presenter of the Róisín Meets podcast.

She inched her way closer to the mic over the years and, for a time, the pair enjoyed the success of Rice’s debut album O.