Lync presence not updating

19-Nov-2019 19:46

It turns out that it was a user profile issue where the Cisco Jabber whether it was installed or not had been set as the Default IM App Provider.

This is read by Outlook 2013 to determine presence. I found the offending registry key Change the Default IMApp String Value from Cisco Jabber or whatever it is to Lync Restart Outlook and presence will be shown.

Has anyone else ran into something similar or know of a resolution for this?

User presence is key feature of any unified communication solution today.

i do have the _autodiscover SR record in (SVR.bmp) and the lync is on the latest (4.0.7577.0) and if i go to https://autodiscover.hscu/Autodiscover/i get this (Autodiscover.bmp) and this is what happens when I continue anyways(Autodisvocer-after Check via the same FQDN you entered in your DNS SRV record, You should not receive any cert errors.

If there are any certificate errors you will need to resolve them then only Lync client will be able to use the autodiscover service. I do notice that right when i sign into lync and check the configurations, it shows EWS as OK but blank for EWS internal and external then less than 30seconds it goes to EWS not deployed.

Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. I enabled "appear offline" with the disablemeailcomparision and it does in fact show. I also tried manually entering it into the registry and it doesn't seem to want to do anything.

When investigating this I found that all users had the exact same version of Office 2013 with the same updates but some users were seeing presence just fine.