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16-Dec-2019 08:18

When you vary the speed of a clip with linked audio and video, the audio remains linked to the video, but remains at 100% speed.

The audio does not remain synchronized with the video.

When you lengthen a clip in a sequence by slowing its speed, it does not overwrite an adjacent clip.

Instead, the clip expands until it touches the edge of the adjacent clip.

Speed keyframes can be applied in the Effect Controls panel, or on a clip in the Timeline panel.

The duration of a clip is the length of time it takes to play from the In point to the Out point.

For low quality or draft rendering, the faster Frame Sample interpolation is used even while the Optical Flow is enabled.

To see the optical flow effect, render your sequence.

By default, a change in speed results in a corresponding change in duration, unless the clip is simultaneously trimmed.

When you change the speed of a clip containing interlaced fields, you can adjust how Adobe Premiere Pro treats the fields.The playback speed of the video portion of the clip changes and its duration expands or contracts depending on whether its speed is increased or decreased.

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