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14-Sep-2020 09:01

Binge dating, more than anything, they report, has been enabled by the endless faces provided by the app.“There’s no loyalty,” one bartender in Alphabet City told us. Generally, a room full of people on Tinder dates is very boring.On weekends, you see people paired up, and you know they didn’t all meet at work. They ended up coming back to get more drinks, talking, drinking, going to the bathroom and having sex, which was obvious because they’d come back disheveled — one of her boobs was sticking out of her dress.It seems like 8 out of 10 couples at the bar, at any given time, are on a Tinder date. She lost her phone in the bathroom at one point, and he came up to me saying “I love this woman.” It’s all about body language — you can tell if it’s going well when they’re facing each other, shoulders square on, perpendicular.Look around any bar in this city, and you’ll see it: two people, likely strangers, assessing each other’s romantic and sexual prospects.Maybe they retain a safe distance, knees locked beneath the well-trodden stools of the given noisy watering hole.

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To make some sense of the calculated, metricized, and downright addictive state of the Tinder date, we spoke to a host of the city’s bartenders.

One woman, Zoë Barry, told the Post she moved to Colorado to become a "ski bum," after feeling inadequate in New York's dating pool. "All of a sudden I was the belle of the ball," she said.

Now she lives in Boston, where is she presumably worshipped as a goddess.

They come in looking at each person, sitting and waiting, looking at their phone and at the door. Then he goes behind this one wall to sit in a partitioned off spot, even if the bar is empty.

I try to spot awkward pauses, and a trick for that is to put a menu in their hand right when you see it get weird. Whenever people are making out, it’s always a Tinder date. He’ll sip this one beer the whole night, even if the girl wants another. Sometimes, he’ll come in on a Friday with one girl, and Saturday with another. He will walk up with them when they want a drink, and then he’ll say, “Oh, I forgot my wallet.” Or “Oh it’s all the way over there behind that wall.” He never buys anyone a drink, and he never drinks anything interesting.If someone is leaning into the bar, elbows up, it’s not going well. When it’s going really well, they start getting touchy, hands on the legs.

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