Okcupid online dating horror stories

11-Feb-2020 20:57

Instead of launching into her “horror story”, there’s an attempt at a qualification about how “One person’s Magic The Gathering” is another person’s nail-biting – another undesirable trait, I notice.

She has also attempted to soften the language and cut out paragraphs insulting him. Bereznak, there’s another version of this article to be found. Bereznak’s article, which is far closer to the original – only leaving out Jon’s name and the aforementioned links, but with enough information for anyone who feels the urge to find out who she means.

Long enough, in fact, that she met Jon, read his profile and made a date within a week of his contacting her.

And even though she felt the need to rationalize her joining as “everybody does it”, her friends are also members.

In short, it’s fairly clear that Bereznak is trying to make herself look better despite having been “desperate” enough to join a dating site…

oh, the Second: Evidently Jon’s major crime is not wearing the Scarlet N that all nerds in her world apparently are supposed to wear so that they may be easily identified when they’re disguising themselves as normal guys.

There one critical difference between both versions however. In the au version of the article, she not only implies that he tricked her friends into dates but that he also went out with not a poorly just a written hit-piece ginned up in the attempt to drive more page views Gawker’s way.

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After all, how could being – in her words – “a champion dweeb” be something you’re obligated to present in your dating profile so as to not – again, her words – “lure her into a date with a geek in hedge funder’s clothing”? Bereznak, having a hobby outside of her accepted norms that you don’t in her profile…such as perhaps that he had also won the World Series of Poker and had revolutionized how the game was played. Third: In the article, Alyssa Bereznak gives his *full name*.Or that he and several of his friends had dominated Las Vegas as a card-counting team, winning more than ,000 at blackjack alone? Bereznak – who was evidently clutching her pearls wondering what her sisters in Pi Delta Pi would think if they knew that she had gone on a date with a have had such an atavistic reaction that she felt the need to write this article… And then, just to make sure that everybody knew whom she was talking about, she included links to his Wikipedia page and several You Tube videos…I’m thinking of a word here, and it rhymes with “what a bunt”. Bereznak – who has a publicly accessible Google account and Twitter feed would feel should people decide to link to her accounts in order to better support their point that Alyssa’s both a horrible person and a sub-par “journalist”.

Fourth: Bereznak has edited the American article twice now in the attempts to make him look more like a loser and to try to deflect the nerd-rage she’s engendered.Now, I’m not entirely sure how one “infiltrates” a date unless he were to pull a full Solid Snake, tranq the original beau and take their place without her friend noticing. Bereznak attempts to imply that Jon go on a date with him unless deception were involved. Frankly I don’t expect much from Gawker Media but some basic pretense of journalistic integrity would be nice. there is a lot for nerds to learn from this debacle that masquerades as journalism… Alyssa Bereznak is a prime example of not only why geeks feel the need to hide their interests but also of the ridiculous remaining stigma and double standards of online dating.