Parent dating advice

07-Nov-2020 15:19

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This is true when you date a single parent because they don’t have a backup to rely on.

It took me some time to learn that no matter what I was going through, my issues—like drama at work or with friends—were never going to take precedence over issues involving Eric’s son.

Meeting for lunch when the kids are at school, or on the weekends if they go to stay with other family members, are sometimes better alternatives to traditional evening dates.

it might be frustrating for you if you want to spend time with your new love and they simply can’t get away.

I couldn’t understand how crucial that was for him.

If having regular one-on-one facetime with your partner is crucial for you to feel acknowledged and validated, then it's important to consider that some people, like single parents, just might not have that in them at the end of the day.

It wasn't long before I realized I probably need someone who had the bandwidth to give me a bit more support.

If you know you need someone who’s going to drop everything and be there for you with emotional support when Sarah in accounting sends you another terse email, then know you might not be able to get that in a single parent.

The year Eric and I were together was a rapid crash-course in the up and downs of dating a single parent (something I wildly underestimated).

From Saturdays at the playground spent going down the slide to mornings watching your child, regardless of how much time you spend with them (which for me, was more than I should have).

And the reality is, if you break up with their parent, you also have to break up with them.

A few months into the relationship, I had one particularly stressful day at work and there was nothing I wanted more than to curl up on the couch with Eric and watch TV.

But it was his only night off without work or his son, and he just didn't have it in him to spend it with anyone but himself.[poll id='df01454b-fe71-46c6-be1e-b273616553f0_0af57634b6b92' type='text' question='Do you think you could handle dating a single parent if they were the right person for you?

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