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Finkelman looks unblinkingly at the ways that the founders failed to resolve the fundamental contradiction between the notion that "All men are created equal" and their own personal and political involvement in slavery. She includes data about children owned by Native Americans and African Americans, and presents new information about children’s knowledge of and participation in the abolitionist movement and the interactions between enslaved and free children. Using the society’s collected records, newspaper articles, and photographs, Bernard C. Vincent Southern Seed, Northern Soil captures the exceptional history of the Beech and Roberts settlements, two African-American and mixed-race farming communities on the Indiana frontier in the 1830s.

Ultimately, Sarah is faced with a bitter decision that could change forever the lives of her family. Finally, she crossed from Detroit into Sandwich, Canada, where created a new life as a free woman, an exciting but also frightening, experience. 2871 Gabrielle Robinson In 1950, a group of African American workers at the Studebaker factory in South Bend met in secret.

The comprehensive introduction by the authors, along with headnotes for each section, an essay by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and an afterword by Kenneth B. Meanwhile, Sarah begins to question her beliefs about slavery. 888 Barbara Olenyik Morrow Two runaway slaves take refuge at Katy and Levi Coffin's home - a stop on the underground railroad. Louis to Alton, Illinois, in the hope of reaching freedom.

Morris, Jr.―a direct Douglass descendent―provide the definitive examination of Douglass's intellectual, philosophical, and political relationships to aesthetics. When bounty hunters nearly kidnap Polly, Sarah worries for her safety. Based on historical events, this powerful story reveals the courage it took for people to run for freedom, and for one young girl to help them. With the help of abolitionists, the 16-year-old traveled through Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan on the Underground Railroad, enduring long, bumpy rides in the bottom of a wagon and taking cover in everything from barrels to potato chutes.

Through diary excerpts, oral histories, and studies of social organizations, religion, and community, a rich, 200-year heritage is vividly depicted. But the hooded bubble burst at mid-decade, and the social movement that had attracted several million members and additional millions of sympathizers collapsed into insignificance. These methods of "polite protest" set Indianapolis apart from many Northern cities. Pierce looks at how the black community worked to alter the political and social culture of Indianapolis. The book explores the career of Archey, the first African American to be elected sheriff in Indiana. 2701 Elizabeth O'Maley To thirteen-year-old Sarah Caldwell, everything in Indiana is dark--the bug-filled cabin, the woods engulfing the farm, and especially the future.

Balanced and comprehensive, explains the Klan's appeal, its limitations, and the reasons for its rapid decline in a society confronting the reality of cultural and religious pluralism. As local leaders became concerned with the city's image, black leaders found it possible to achieve gains by working with whites inside the existing power structure, while continuing to press for further reform and advancement. Colored Troops (USCT), the first systematic, large-scale effort by the U. government to arm African Americans to aid in the nation’s defense. 2102 Emma Lou Thornbrough Chronicles the growth, both in numbers and in power, of African Americans in a northern state that was notable for its antiblack tradition. Raised in Marion, Indiana, the young Archey and his loving family lived under the cloud of the notorious 1930 lynching. Their widowed father has married Eliza, a young Quaker schoolteacher, and Sarah has just discovered that Eliza is an abolitionist!

Taken together, this landmark work canonizes Frederick Douglass through a form he appreciated the most: photography. But these are not all tales of deprivation and violence; teenagers will relate to accounts of slaves challenging authority, playing games, telling jokes, and falling in love.

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