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16-Jan-2021 23:57

You were pretty convincing to get me to join you, despite my own parents telling me I was nuts for leaving the safety blanket that the associate track provided – one that I had worked so hard to get during the financial collapse!

But as soon as I left, my personality (and literal color in my face) returned.

) On the complete opposite side, you have to find your own voice and style to succeed in a business like this.

Every day you have to ask yourself how you can help your clients in ways they have never tried before (and enjoy trying to convince lawyers to try something new! At the end of the day, the alternative side of the legal business has been so much fun.

But at the end of the day, you’ll bring in more work if you are able to scale seamlessly, and price work rationally and competitively.

When a Biglaw firm builds and promotes a cross-disciplinary, globalized approach to cybersecurity, I take note.

And when one of my colleagues is helping lead that charge, I feel compelled to write about it (and if I have learned anything from this election cycle, it’s that there is simply no such thing as an inappropriate time for a product plug). They are calling it a “one-stop shop” for cybersecurity risk assessments and compliance.

Some firms also like to stick with what they feel they are best at – providing legal counsel.

That’s their decision, and I certainly wouldn’t question that.Junior partners often get this and are coming to us with ideas.