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By leveraging widely used and validated assessment methods and pairing them with EEG, we transform what would be qualitative results from traditional testing into objective, quantifiable measurements of brain function that support informed clinical decision making. This is achieved through a 60-minute test, with a series of tasks that trigger event related potentials (ERPs) in a patient’s brain, captured by EEG. Vox Neuro’s assessment can be run at any time, whether an injury happened 2 days ago or 20 years ago, to quantify the functional issues and objectively inform a treatment path. He holds the Senator William Mc Master Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience, is the founding director of the ARi EAL Research Centre, and co-directs the Language, Memory and Brain Lab. He is an author on over 330 articles, chapters, and presentations, most of which involve EEG/ERP, MEG and MRI studies of cognition in health and brain pathology. Connolly was the first person in the world to demonstrate that a patient (mis)diagnosed as being in a vegetative state (now referred to as Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome) was actually in a locked-in state, meaning they were fully functioning cognitively but experiencing near-complete physical paralysis. Gordon Journal of Child Neurology, May 2001DOI: 10.1177/088307380101600504Ho, Boshra, Schmidtke, Oralova, Moro, Service, Connolly, 2019Science Direct, August 2019DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.20. Vox Neuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ are non-invasive and are used to identify abnormal brain function, objectively confirming the presence of a concussion or brain injury, and pinpointing function that has been impacted by an injury. This empowers clinicians to deliver customized rehabilitation for executive function, language comprehension, working memory, automatic attention, reactive attention, concentration, information processing, auditory processing, and visual processing. Traditional EEG is commonly used, with q EEG becoming more common, to assess seizures and sleep disorders. After 9 months of successful cognitive rehabilitation efforts, the patient had regained complete motor control and was discharged, walking himself out of the hospital.

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It is important to note that the presence of structural damage does not necessarily imply functional damage, and vice-versa. Clinicians typically ‘read’ traditional EEG scans free-form. q EEG is an improvement on traditional EEG in the way it analyses a patient’s data, statistically comparing their results to healthy controls. Functional MRI (f MRI) is not yet clinically available, but is starting to be offered through private services.

It measures blood flow in the brain and can identify abnormal structural integrity and functional connectivity. The application of cognitive event-related brain potentials (ERPs) in language- impaired individuals: Review and case studies (Invited Review: Ed. In some cases, they may also be used to help assess severe brain injuries.