Quickbooks database server updating

12-Oct-2019 01:16

All it did was tell me that there was no version of Quickbooks that could be patched. There is no backward compatability and even a payroll update changes the ledger, so you need to get all system on the same version. Thinkpads_User Does the system only use the one DB Manager?

It installed a different one with each version of Quickbooks.

I don't think you can have more than one version, and that is what you are seeing. Do not permit local files any more, or confusion may reign. Go to Quick Books, File, Host Multi User Access and turn this OFF (uncheck it). Your post did make me wonder if running the update for QB2011 (latest version installed) might update the database. And while I realize you shouldn't have to, why not just install the full version of 2009 on the server?

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Other then while it does not work properly, it makes an error and then it seems to be so difficult to deal with it.

I have done the database server only install for versions 2009-2011. When they try to go into a 2009 file they get a message (paraphrased) that the hosting computer needs to be updated to the same version that's on the client computer. Regards, Bill I am not sure if I entirely understand. Also it looks like (from your description) that computers have been upgraded but the ledger in question not upgraded.

I didn't find much in the Intuit documents on this so I tried to run the qbwebpatch for 2009 thinking that it might update only the database components. You have moved the data to a server, and the server has now the latest QB Server Manager (V2011? So you need to ensure the QB server manager is the latest version on the server and then upgrade the data files (ledgers) to the latest version of Quick Books (V2011).

Error maseges : When you access the Quickbooks company file, then you will see the error messages such a “Quick Books is attempting to open this Company file.

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Before you can open the company file from your computer you must first open the company file on the computer where the company file is located. When error points out that Quick Books could not follow the path to open the company file, that’s the reason behind the error.

Quick Books is a renowned software that helps manage everything from account receivables to bank transaction and auto transfers.

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