Rowupdating findcontrol vb net

19-Jun-2020 13:12

I can read the textbox info just fine, but not the ddl when Row Updating 'Row Updating Dim index As Integer = Convert. Row Index) Dim row As Grid View Row = gv Configuration.

Text 'works ok Dim test1 As String = (CType((CType(sender, Grid View)).

2) also i don't want to use sqldatasource controls i.e. Drop Down List in a Grid View control I'm trying to use a Drop Down List in a Grid View control to update a column. Data Row View' does not contain a property with the name ...

Requirement: 1) i want to populate a dropdownlist(ddl) in a gridview when clicking the edit button of a perticular row by using gridview events and also update the selected item of the ddl to the database.

I've commented out the VB options that haven't worked and included them here as I've spent too long trying to figure it out. Looks like you are binding the grid in the Page Load. Please add the below code in Page Load before binding the grid..

If Not Is Post Back Then Bind the grid End If Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices?

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I dont know how to wrie an event_handler ,specifically, for... Here is what I am trying from the load event: Sub Bind Data() Dim my Connection As New My Sql. If I put a datalist inside a datalist and a link button inside the second datalist visually it satisfies my need.