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Brooklyn has been said and done, and I for one am happy to see that chapter of my life closed.There are a LOT of exciting things I'm starting: I'm signing on as a spokesperson for HRC, I'll be attending the GLAAD Media Awards and the Bravo A-List Award show in LA.Gina, Reality Wanted: You seemed to get along with everyone in the house. Would you have called Maria's bluff at the reunion? You can even see it in my eyes, I totally have that "whatever" look on my face.Did you ever feel stuck in the middle of the battle of the sexes, particularly at the reunion? Scott: Yes it did but I am anxious to move on to new things I often felt stuck in the middle with everyone fighting. Growing up I had best friends who HATED each other, but for whatever reason i could get along with both and it was accepted. I never hooked up with anyone out there in Brooklyn.One of my dreams is to be a lead dancer in a music video or to go on tour with an artist as a dancer. We were great friends and he was pretty tipsy when he wrote that email.Who knows though, maybe I'll go on tour as a DJ with an artist too! Gina, Reality Wanted: What was your reaction to the email that Ryan sent you, saying that (in a different time or situation) he could see a relationship with you? On my end, I never thought of him in that light so I was taken aback, but it didn't change anything as far as the dynamic of our friendship. It shows Devyn and I talking right after I get the email, but we weren't talking about that. I kept that really private because I didn't want to make a big issue out of it. Gina, Reality Wanted: You always say that you and Ryan get along the best - what is it about him that makes the two of you so close? Baya: Ryan reminds me of all of the guys I grew up with in Salt Lake. it was really easy for me to get along with him because I could read him really well, I felt like I had met people like him before. we were always laughing and being ridiculous and outrageous so our personalities mesh really well. Gina, Reality Wanted: What is your advice to people who want to become cast members on The Real World? Baya: It's hard to say because you never know what production is looking for.In time those people learned to become friends through me.. Made out with a few girls, sure, but I remained faithful to my boyfriend.There's more that I would like to expand upon, but what's the point?

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Be sure to catch new episodes of The Real World on MTV – Wednesday nights at 10pm ET.(Image courtesy of MTV) For more The Real World Links visit Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’ Returns with Season 7 Premiere October 7 Season 9 of ‘Total Divas’ Premieres October 2 on E!

[B]The Real World: Brooklyn[/B] is the twenty-first season of the MTV reality series [B]The Real World[/B].

It will be the third season of the show to be set in New York City (and the first in Brooklyn.)[INDENT] [I]This is the true story of eight strangers...

Ha, I love them both so much it is hard to say which avenue I will end up taking... If I had auditioned for season 20, in Hollywood, I probably wouldn't have made it because they were looking for a different type of person.

All I can say is if you have a story you want people to hear, go out and try to be a voice.The program, hosted by Maria Menounos, featured all eight housemates. See full synopsis » The Real World: Brooklyn Reunion premiered on April 1, 2009, following the premiere of the season finale.