Saxparserfactory setvalidating

16-Jan-2020 11:18

It is the responsibility of the caller to close the RSS feed input stream.

* @param feed RSS 2.0 feed input stream * @return in-memory representation of RSS feed * @throws RSSFault if an unrecoverable parse error occurs */ @Override public RSSFeed parse(Input Stream feed) /** * Parses input stream as RSS feed.

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* @param xmlfile The XML file that shall be queried. * @throws Parser Configuration Exception Parser confiuration exception * @throws SAXException SAX exception * @throws IOException If unable to read the stream */ public static boolean compare XMLContent(final Input Source content1,final Input Source content2) throws Parser Configuration Exception, SAXException, IOException /** * Valorizza una risorsa prototipo con gli elementi dell'xml che rappresenta una risorsa specifica.*/ static Soy Msg Bundle parse Xliff Target Msgs(String xliff Content) throws SAXException, Soy Msg Exception /** * Cleans the string from tags.* @param str the string which contain a text with user's tags.* @param in input stream to read * @param validate whether to validate the input.

* @return a Features read from the input stream * @throws Parser Configuration Exception is the SAX parser can not be configured * @throws SAXException if there is an xml problem * @throws JAXBException if the xml cannot be marshalled into a T.

*/ public static Fusion Dictionary read Dictionary Xml(Input Stream unigrams, Input Stream bigrams) throws SAXException, IOException, Parser Configuration Exception /** * Valorizza una risorsa prototipo con gli elementi dell'xml che rappresenta una risorsa specifica.

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