Screenupdating not working speed dating montgomery alabama

10-Apr-2020 05:08

I would appreciate if someone could give me guidance on how to circumvent the use of Select in this code It is so much easier if you attach an example workbook containing the code.I have attempted to edit your code but I cannot test it.And usually when you write your code, you’re just trying to get things to work. But after a while you notice your code is beginning to get very slow when it runs. I mentioned that the issue is that the screen is constantly updating, which is causing the code to run slowly. The code runs much faster when there’s less real estate to update on your screen. Screen Updating = True End Sub Now the code runs at 1.4 seconds for me, which is a huge improvement.

HTH Dominic B Sorry, I just reread my original post and it is not clear at all What I meant is that the Application. If macro3 does turn screenupdating off but then turns it back on at the end, you'll see the screen redraw then. Simply removing Screenupdating = True from all the macros should resolve that. If your question is answered then please remember to mark it solved Computers are like air conditioners.

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