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08-Mar-2020 22:45

So it is basically a waiting game from here onwards then? It just concerns me the fact that some of our users are still getting the yellow icon.

Can I please ask; are you also experiencing that only some of your workstations are experiencing this issue? Kind regards, mustekkzn All of the workstations that were previsouly managed in 2009 and are now getting updates with 12/31/09 rev 126 are not throwing any errors. I'm not sure why you get the yellow icon on the others.

Anyone else seen this happen and know how to fix it?

Thanks Ben EDIT If I look in 'C:\Windows\ccmcache\' on a machine which isn't showing as updated I can see it does infact have the latest definitions but its not applying them.

2012 with End Point Protection since the summer and have started to notice that some of the clients (5-10%) won't update their definitions while others work fine.

If we try to force an update using the configuration manager console nothing happens, trying to update on one of the clients manual just results in the update hanging.

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Have you perhaps come across of any issues relating to the distribution updating issue that Symantec is facing at the moment as per your given link below? Solution: Added a dependency relationship for SMC service and System Event Notification service at startup. Open&docid=2009072315130848&nsf=ent-security.nsf&view=docid It looks like you have a combination of a bug and a defect for the sep version that you are running Hi josh2780 Just want to see if you have managed to get to resolve your issue as yet?However, my clients show the green ball on the shield...